Ainsley Marie Blake

Vitals: Born April 9th, 2007

6 lbs 9 oz 19.5 inches tall


Ainsley at one hour old. As she grows up, they'll be singing, "you must have been a beautiful baby" cause she was!

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Mom and Dad with the Newborn baby, Ainsley

Okay Dad, you can take my picture now.

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Jon, Diana, Ainsley and Romeo, the whole family

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Ainsley when she first came home. Almost swallowed up in the swing.

Jon showing off Ainsley

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Diana wore this dress when she was a little

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Proud Grandparents get to hold Ainsley when she was about an hour old.

Diana at home finally with Ainsley, The hospital had kept them an extra day just to make sure Ainsley was okay, she was a little jaundice. dianaainsley.JPG (58914 bytes)
DSCF0686.JPG (91232 bytes)
ainsley2 008.jpg (31496 bytes) kelly.jpg (35907 bytes) Auntie Jill and Kelly welcome Ainsley to the new world.

Kelly and Jill flew down to see their new niece.

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Proud parents a few days after bringing Ainsley home!

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Ainsley at 9 days old

monday 005.jpg (31910 bytes) Seems Ainsley is saying, catch you later, bye for now. Write to Mom and Dad or write to Grandpa or Grandma!


HEY! We got new pictures and some movies! May 6th 2007 updated
DSCF0747.JPG (35275 bytes) may1ainsley3.JPG (32123 bytes) may2ainsley1.JPG (29895 bytes) may1ainsley1.JPG (50485 bytes)
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Pictures as of May 7th

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2007_0507Ainsley40008.JPG (135374 bytes)

Diana and Jon and Ainsley at Clear Lake.

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2007_0507Ainsley40001.JPG (131384 bytes)

Ainsley at the movies, oops, I should say IN the movies.

Movie One Movie Two Movie Three
Play Movie (1.5 Megs) Play Movie (2 Megs) Play Movie (2.5 Megs)
Ainsley trying to get those arms and legs coordinated, she'll be on the move before you know it! Jon and Diana trying to get Ainsley animated, but you try and be animated after getting your stomach full. Romeo trying to figure out what this baby stuff is all about
New Pictures as of May 19th
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Jon let his girls travel to Washington state for Mother's Day to be with Grandma and Great grandma.

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Aunti Jill got to see Ainsley.

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HEY! We got new pictures! June 17th 2007

2007_0617Ainsley8-90031.JPG (129471 bytes) ainsleyjune.JPG (60831 bytes) 2007_0617Ainsley8-90015.JPG (152259 bytes) 2007_0617Ainsley8-90033.JPG (142018 bytes)
2007_0617Ainsley8-90035.JPG (164638 bytes) 2007_0617Ainsley8-90041.JPG (171554 bytes) 2007_0617Ainsley8-90046.JPG (135365 bytes)


2007_0617Ainsley8-90041s.JPG (40656 bytes)dianababys.jpg (132731 bytes)

Check this out, Diana when she was a little (right) and Ainsley (above). Diana here is about three months, and Ainsley is about 2 and a half. Yeah, they could be related, especially that nose and mouth, (not that both are loud or anything)


At almost 3 months old, Ainsley, June 29th,2007
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2007_0711Ainsley1.JPG (316653 bytes) Here are the latest pictures as of  July 11th! She's grown so much, almost August, when they relocate back to the area. Can't wait!. 2007_0711Ainsley3.JPG (247644 bytes)
2007_0711Ainsley6.JPG (275793 bytes) 2007_0711Ainsley4.JPG (263767 bytes) 2007_0711Ainsley7.JPG (257473 bytes)
2007_0711Ainsley5.JPG (249780 bytes) 2007_0711Ainsley2.JPG (277981 bytes) New Movie! Ainsley trying to tell her parents they sound funny when they talk to her :-)

Movie Link

(coming soon)


Look who's in the house! Our house, Ainsley, Mom and Dad back in the Pacific Northwest! Yeaaaaaa

bath.JPG (148386 bytes)

HEY! What's with the camera? I'm taking a bath here

Darn hangnail, I know I can get it before Mom gets the clippers out

PICT0005w.JPG (146413 bytes)

I heard my cousin Emmie started this

ainsley2n.jpg (132207 bytes) ainsley1n.jpg (120071 bytes)

Ainsley at 4 months

Aug 2007


seahawkbaby1.jpg (178974 bytes) seahawkbaby4.jpg (184459 bytes) seahawkbaby2.jpg (197888 bytes) seahawkbaby3.jpg (248464 bytes)
Seahawks cheerleader. It worked, they won! Sept. 2007


November 2007

Finally got an update done!

ainsleymom.jpg (134620 bytes) ainsleycrawl.jpg (183678 bytes) Ainsley with two of the real Sea Gals from the Seattle Seahawks! ainsleycheer.JPG (188706 bytes)
ainlseydad.jpg (161077 bytes)
granpaainsley.jpg (187879 bytes) ainsleyclose.jpg (136471 bytes) ainsleycouch.jpg (158094 bytes) ainsleysmile.jpg (171672 bytes)
ainsleytable.jpg (88487 bytes)


PICT0012a.JPG (147212 bytes) PICT0011a.JPG (167944 bytes)

Merry Christmas from Ainsley and the Berry and Blakes! May this Christmas find you with the ones you love the most! 

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jonainsleyread.JPG (48238 bytes) Ainsley tries her hand with spaghetti and Dad reading to Ainsley. January 2008 Ainsley is almost walking, she walks around the furniture holding on with only one hand. PICT0003 (Medium).JPG (44710 bytes)


Ainsley Celebrates ONE year old!
Ainsley had her One year Birthday April 9th. She is just a cruising all over the place! She is such a happy baby (as long as she gets her way) ainsleyapril (3).JPG (103030 bytes) ainsleyapril (1).JPG (59673 bytes) ainsleyapril (2).JPG (82246 bytes)
ainsleyapril (4).JPG (98102 bytes) ainsleyapril (5).JPG (89236 bytes) ainsleyapril (6).JPG (88523 bytes) ainsleyapril.JPG (58043 bytes)
ainsleyapril (8).JPG (61591 bytes) ainsleyapril (9).JPG (67065 bytes) ainsleyapril (10).JPG (53920 bytes) ainsleyapril (7).JPG (58619 bytes)
DSCF1565.JPG (81244 bytes) DSCF1583.JPG (104022 bytes) DSCF1551.JPG (81825 bytes) DSCF1572.JPG (93237 bytes)
Ainsley with her Greatgrandma The before or during cake and afterwards, it's lights out

newainsley (4).JPG (43249 bytes) Ainsley meets a new friend, Jayelle. The top left picture, you have got to wonder what they're saying!

Pictures to the right, she saw Grandpa using the wrench, walked over, picked it up and put it on a bolt to tighten it. Amazing!

May 19 2008

newainsley (5).JPG (35334 bytes) newainsley.JPG (35289 bytes)
newainsley (3).JPG (47599 bytes)
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It's time for an update! Ainsley loves the water, in her little swimming pool! And her sandbox, loves digging and filling up the pails. June/July pictures

ains008.JPG (28668 bytes) ains004.JPG (24330 bytes) ains005.JPG (24740 bytes) 2008_0709July20080170.JPG (134141 bytes)

Ainsley loves her swing!

2008_0709July20080154.JPG (151081 bytes) ainsleyattitude.jpg (149834 bytes)

Grandpa's favorite picture lately, note what her bib says and her expression that goes with it!

junepics012n.jpg (125142 bytes) july403.jpg (127747 bytes)
2008_0709July20080225.JPG (99674 bytes) 2008_0709July20080150.JPG (182237 bytes)


August / Sept 2008

ainsleygrandpaem.jpg (89173 bytes) ainsaugust (3).JPG (39455 bytes) newains (3).jpg (36791 bytes) ainsaugust (2).JPG (28021 bytes)
newains (2).JPG (94600 bytes) ainsaugust (1).JPG (52034 bytes)
ainsaugust.jpg (32318 bytes) newains (5).JPG (34845 bytes) newains (1).jpg (29870 bytes) newains.jpg (31594 bytes)
newains (4).JPG (32625 bytes)

October 2008

new 003.jpg (38858 bytes) new 004.jpg (36881 bytes) new 005.jpg (33757 bytes) new 006.jpg (27438 bytes)
new 010.jpg (36781 bytes) new 009.jpg (53334 bytes) new 017.jpg (38589 bytes) new 020.jpg (32470 bytes)
new 002.jpg (37005 bytes) new 007.jpg (33045 bytes) new 012.jpg (71682 bytes) new 014.jpg (72195 bytes)
new 015.jpg (66638 bytes) new 016.jpg (66723 bytes) new 019.jpg (45808 bytes) A day in the Park (above photos)
PICT0001.JPG (89967 bytes) PICT0017.JPG (104515 bytes) Ainsley and Dad at the hospital waiting for Ainsley's new cousin Jevon (left and right) PICT0005.JPG (78483 bytes)

Ainsley and some with her new cousin Jevon  Oct 2008

ainsley.JPG (33850 bytes) ainsley (7).JPG (31251 bytes) ainsley (5).JPG (27724 bytes) ainsley (3).JPG (29695 bytes)
cousins (5).JPG (35649 bytes) auntdiana.JPG (51688 bytes) cousins (3).JPG (43089 bytes) cousins.JPG (45181 bytes)
cousins (1).JPG (57304 bytes) ainsley (1).JPG (37349 bytes) grandmax2.JPG (82741 bytes)


Ainsley was helping Grandpa convert her crib to a toddler bed. smainsley (4).JPG (43795 bytes) smainsley (2).JPG (38953 bytes) smainsley (4).JPG (43795 bytes)
smainsley (1).JPG (34639 bytes) Ainsley was saying "NO", it was so funny as Diana was taking pictures.


Nov 5, 2008

smainsley (6).JPG (48361 bytes) smainsley (7).JPG (54909 bytes)
smainsley (8).JPG (53624 bytes) smainsley (9).JPG (49551 bytes) smainsley (10).JPG (55315 bytes) smainsley (11).JPG (45930 bytes)
With winter just around the counter, Aunt Kelly found a new winter coat and Ainsley was trying it on. Nov 3, 2008 smainsley (13).JPG (38341 bytes) smainsley (12).JPG (39128 bytes) smainsley.JPG (38149 bytes)


 Christmas 2008

Ainsley in her Christmas dress and having a blast with everyone and then outside in the snow! PICT0013w.jpg (69396 bytes) ains14w.jpg (81565 bytes)
PICT0008w.jpg (88251 bytes) PICT0003w.jpg (92412 bytes) PICT0003.jpg (162775 bytes) PICT0006.JPG (35320 bytes)
PICT0004w.jpg (105621 bytes)
PICT0030.JPG (58203 bytes) PICT0069.JPG (34609 bytes) PICT0075.jpg (97909 bytes) PICT0076.jpg (99305 bytes)
PICT0073.JPG (45885 bytes)


jevonjanfeb (9).JPG (94565 bytes) jevonjanfeb (11).JPG (54062 bytes) PICT0021.JPG (56964 bytes) PICT0018.JPG (36916 bytes)
jevonjanfeb (12).JPG (94025 bytes) Ainsley with Aunt Kelly (end of Jan 2009)

And Ainsley with her cousin Jevon

March 2009

ainsleyweb (1).JPG (74050 bytes) ainsleyweb (2).JPG (87191 bytes)

Ainsley taking some shots with the basketball and football.

ainsleyweb (3).JPG (67342 bytes) ainsleyweb (4).JPG (47913 bytes)
Below, Ainsley was helping Mom cook and ended up with flour all over her and in her eyes.
ainsleyweb (6).JPG (46527 bytes) ainsleyweb (8).JPG (51840 bytes) ainsleyweb (11).JPG (44982 bytes) ainsleyweb (10).JPG (61485 bytes)
ainsleyweb (5).JPG (53712 bytes)
Ainsley on her new backyard slide, she loves it and it's havoc trying to get her back into the house afterwards. Lots of fun!


April 2009

Hard to believe Ainsley turned TWO!  She calls Helen Marie "Gaga" for Grandma and Keith "Papaw" for "Grandpa". Check out her expression in the first photo, she was caught waiting for me to take the picture, it was so funny!

aprilainsley.JPG (28810 bytes) aprilainsley (1).JPG (25678 bytes) aprilainsley (2).JPG (31489 bytes) aprilainsley (3).JPG (26775 bytes)
aprilainsley (4).JPG (26297 bytes) aprilainsley (5).JPG (30626 bytes) Easter dress aprilainsley (6).JPG (33510 bytes)
aprilainsley (8).JPG (36212 bytes) aprilainsley (9).JPG (35104 bytes) aprilainsley (10).JPG (32778 bytes) aprilainsley (7).JPG (34848 bytes)

Now that Ainsley is two, I started a page two!

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