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Alive Festival

 Canal Fulton,Ohio 2005


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davekeith.jpg (69797 bytes) Alive Festival in Canal Fulton, Ohio. Chris Tomlin on stage (left) and Keith helping Dave out in his booth. Missed the shirts? Check out

Keith Happened to be Ohio visiting folks who lived nearby. Meeting up with Dave helped get things ready for Creationfest West.

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macpowell1.jpg (64758 bytes) Third Day on the Alive Festival stage. They were not at the Creationfest West festival so it was great to catch them here!. Mac's new haircut, easy to wash and dry on the run. macpowell2.jpg (62080 bytes)
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Pillar rocked the festival, the crowd was huge, couldn't get close enough to get a clear shot. Alaways a blast to see and hear though.


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Newsboys and their finale, confetti cannons filled the air. Glad we were not on the cleanup crew. But it was cool to see.