It was Audio Adrenaline, Mercy Me, and Aaron Shust in Spokane, WA. February 23rd, 2007

It was a great show with it being Audio A saying adios and inviting the crowd to Hawaii in April for the final show.

aaronshustband5.jpg (40628 bytes) Aaron and the boys in the band opened things up. Lots of singing along with Aaron. aaronshustband4.jpg (42988 bytes) aaronshustband.jpg (56048 bytes)
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audioa1.jpg (29730 bytes) audioa8.jpg (28709 bytes) audioa3.jpg (32956 bytes) audioa4.jpg (21924 bytes)
audioa6.jpg (29319 bytes) audioa7.jpg (29275 bytes) Audio Adrenaline put on a great show and it was hard to hear them sing "Goodbye". 

Only Audio A fans will know who this is to the right. Bob was working the merch table. He said after selling Flicker Records, he had to find something to do. It was a nice surprise to see him there.

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Thanks to Dave Wagner at Audio A management for letting us shoot these pictures and more! 

Pictures taken by Keith, these are pretty low res, drop me a note if you need originals or better ones!


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