CreationfestNW 2009

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CreationfestNW 2009 was such a great time and blessing. We knew it was going to be a good week when it started out with a bang! On the way up to the festival we had quite a drive. We usually camp with a few people and take our big bar-b-que to cook on. While driving on I-90 the grill in the back of my truck decided to try and get to the festival before us. I guess I wasn't driving fast enough since the grill jumped out of the back of the truck and tried to pass us on the freeway. It was banged up pretty badly but the miracle was that there wasn't anyone behind us or next to us. I stopped and the grill rested next to the truck, I hurriedly picked up the pieces, put the parts in the back of the truck, and got out of there. I had my toolbox with us and while at the festival we put it back together the best we could, a few parts were missing and shattered but amazingly, we got it to at least cook hamburgers. That was enough excitement for the week, but it would seem in the years past we have at least one surprise and we were hoping that was it.

We arrived Wednesday afternoon and set up camp awaiting the arrival of one of our fellow campers, Dave Lula. He runs a booth called "Music Revolution" and his shirts can be seen and bought at  Dave would arrive shortly and we helped him set up the booth.

On to the press arrangements for camera credentials and checking on interviews. We would get the chance to interview Israel Houghton, Brian Doerksen, and the band "Worth Dying For". Everything was set up and ran very smoothly. I was a little apprehensive as a new PR firm had taken over the press liaison duties but they came through great!

Wednesday started off with Remedy Drive  followed by late night with Hawk Nelson and Skillet. They just plain rocked the house (or actually the Gorge). We took quite a few photos and have them posted. They can be viewed at:  Remedy Drive, Hawk Nelson, and Skillet.  Later that night at the Late Night Cafe Hawk Nelson hosted a CD release party at the Fringe Stage along with a live video shoot. Wednesday early evening as we looked around it looked like a larger Wednesday crowd than in years past as the top of the seating tiers had folks in it and it seemed to me in the years past on Wednesday there weren't many in it but this year it seemed the numbers were up.

The first couple days at Creationfest was fairly hot but it would cool a little as the weekend progressed. We did get a little of the usual wind gusts that would come through and toss a few tents but nothing to serious. The message from the stage was very clear- stay on top of your water. The security folks would spray the crowd from time to time with super-soakers. I asked about the garden hoses of years past and they said it made to much of a mess and slipping hazard but the crowd appreciated the sprayers. If you have been at the Gorge Amphitheater you know about the climb. I averaged the climb 6-7 times a day as I bounced between the Fringe Stage, The main stage, and Dave's booth. Wednesday and Thursday the climbs weren't to bad, Friday we began to get pretty winded by the time we got to the top. Saturday, okay, I admit it, I couldn't find the oxygen bottles at the top that we needed.

Thursday would find us interviewing Brian Doerkesen and taking a bunch of pictures of: 116Clique, Casting Crowns, Family Force Five, King's Domain (a band from our very own TriCities,WA),  Kutless, Pillar, Brian Doerksen and of Stephanie Smith and band. Got a few scenery shots as well, what a view and location with the river down behind the stage. 

Friday was a hoping day. We usually put in a few hours in Dave's booth and it was hoping, sold a lot of shirts this year so we were pretty busy. On Friday we interviewed the band Worth Dying For. Photos would be: Sons Of Day, Barlow Girls, Hyland, John Reuben, Need To Breathe, Red, Worth Dying For and Chris Tomlin would finish things up with the candle lighting. What a sight to see thousands of candle lights on the hill and below knowing that the darkness cannot overcome the light. Pastor Harry shared about this.

By Saturday, the climbs began to take their toll but we knew we had one more day. Our interview with Israel Houghton would go well and photos would be of:  Above The Golden State, Group 1 Crew, Ivoryline, Israel and New Breed on the main stage and in the worship tent, David Crowder, and Reliant K would finish things up.


----------------Interview information to follow here.-------------


Overall CreationfestNW 2009 went very well. The press corp workers took great care of all of the press represented at the festival. Interviews went well and zero problems up front taking pictures from the crowd and from the photo pit.



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