Day Of Fire with Decypher Down and Showdown at The Service Station in Spokane, Washington. Dec. 10th, 2006

There was another band ( P*ll*r) but they asked not to be photographed. 


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Comin' at ya!

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Can you hear me now? Do I have your attention? 

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Day Of Fire. Check out the last couple pictures, it looks like he wrote the lineup (set) on the back of his hand

Day Of Fire official Site

Day Of Fire Is: 

Gregg Hionis Chris Pangallo Joe Pangallo Zach Simms Josh Brown

Decypher Down rockin the house! (Band Website)

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Brandon Mills on Guitar


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showdown31.jpg (82375 bytes) Josh Oliver on drums

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showdown2.jpg (42552 bytes) showdown27.jpg (41518 bytes) showdown12.jpg (78099 bytes) Showdown, complete with the retro-guitars. Yellow and Black, maybe they borrowed them from Stryper. Very solid sounds and awesome show!


Showdown's website


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Photos by Keith, can be contacted at