June 7th, 2008  Farewell June and Newfire in concert

Anaconda, Montana

NewFire started things off and joining them was their nephew Josh. 

NewFire's Official Site

and Myspace


NewFire is made up of Jonathan and Allison Firey. They opened up for Farewell June and, and not only could they sing but make those guitars sing. A new word we  made up, described Jonathan's playing, the "intricateness" of the notes  and tones he played. PICT0014x.jpg (106834 bytes) PICT0020x.jpg (589486 bytes)
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Farewell June is Jonas, Keenon, Robbie, Nick, and Paul on sound. Missing in action (as she is in action, chasing Hunter around) is Becky. The guys commented on how much they missed having Becky on stage with them. Jonas and Becky are looking for a tour bus or RV so they can be on the road with little Hunter.  Hunter is almost 7 months old.

A great time was had by all, nice mix of old and new songs but most from their new album "Identity Crisis" Be sure to check out and order their new album, which can be ordered from the following sites!

Farewell June's Official Site and Myspace


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PICT0118.JPG (32785 bytes) On a side note, the folks at Anaconda Montana were the friendliest folks we've met. Thanks to the Paces for letting us stay with them and others (Vince) who hosted the band and others after the show for the best bar-b-que chicken we'd ever had! They opened their hearts and homes to help make the concert happen. There were others that helped out! PICT0114.JPG (43456 bytes)

Photos by Keith

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