with Brayzen Laver and Justin Wampler
Jan 27th, 2009 The Lounge @ Central United Protestant Church
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Fireflight is Dawn- lead vocals, Justin-guitar and vocals, Glen-lead guitar, Wendy- on bass and Phee on drums
Fireflight Net presence at the following sites
Myspace Official Site Facebook You Tube Channel
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The concert was a kick! Fireflight was just coming from their engagement at ESPN Winter X Games and their intensity was no less X-treme. The band played mostly new music and was a crowd hit. If this show comes any where near your location, it's one not to miss. Fireflight's album "Unbreakable" available in itunes and all music outlets.

Brayzen Layver

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Brayzen Layver is Jeremy on guitar, Joey on bass, Caleb on guitar, and Rick on guitar and vocals

Brayzen Layver on:  Myspace

Justin Wampler

Justin filled in for Rick Mugrage who had gotten snowed in.

Justin's Myspace

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Thanks to Jay of Wilson Promotions and The Lounge at Central United Protestant Church for bring the bands to town and hosting them! Jay can be contacted through his Myspace:

Photos by Keith 

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