Sanctus Real with Tenth Avenue North and Vota

at The Service Station, Spokane, WA Oct. 28, 2008

Part of the "We Need Each Other" Tour

Check out the The Service Station, one of Spokane's best venues!



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Vota is

Bryan Olesen - lead vocals, guitars
Case Maranville - bass, vocals
Scott Rutz - drums
Riley Friesen - guitar, keys, vocals
Vota debut album release date: reported beginning of 2009


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Tenth Avenue North

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Tenth Avenue North is:   Mike Donehey - guitar, vocals
Jeff Owen - guitars, vocals
Jason Jamison - drums
Scott Sanders - bass
Recent album: "Over and Underneath" available now in bookstores or online
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Sammy Adebiyi

Sammy A came out to challenge those of us in the "front of the line" to help those in the back of the line.  
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Sammy was there on behalf of the Lord to challenge us but also on behalf of the Mocha Club, just by giving up 2 mochas a month- check out what a difference you can make in someone who is "at the end of the line", their life.



Sanctus Real is:

Matt Hammitt - vocals

Chris Rohman - guitar

Mark Graalman - drums

Dan Gartley - bass guitar

Pete Prevost - guitar


Sanctus Real 

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Latest Album:

"We Need Each Other" available now

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sanctus22.jpg (58146 bytes) sanctus23.jpg (99379 bytes) sanctus24.jpg (43641 bytes) Pictures at left taken from balcony, had retreated to there just a little to early as the bands all came out at the end and celebrated with dance, they celebrated over clean water being sponsored for 3000 Africans. For more info check out the
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Photos by Keith