Forever Homes presents Shawn McDonald with Caleb & Sol and UV

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Forever Homes is a revolutionary way of helping some of the 120,000 foster kids waiting for adoption in the United States each year, and millions of orphans worldwide, find permanency. Click on above banner to learn more

Lynn and Jennie Owens welcome Shawn McDonald, Caleb & Sol, and UV to South Hill Church and share with the crowd what Forever Homes is all about.


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And then UV started things off. UV is a local band from the TriCities area

Worship Team at Bethel Church

Unlimited Vertical ("UV") on Myspace

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Caleb and Sol from the Eugene Oregon area came up in support of Forever Homes. Side note: They had a ton of their CDs out on the table and were basically giving them away, but taking donations if people wanted for them. For those who didn't have the money they would just hand them one. And they also showed a video that was great! Check them out on youtube.

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Video mentioned above (Barrabas)

Shawn McDonald came arriving a little late. He said he had shown up at the wrong airport and missed the original flight. But after he arrived everything went well.

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