Where are they now?

Do you wonder, where oh where did they go and what are they doing?

Hard to believe that WAY-FM has been gone for 3 years.

Write to Keith at keith@nwcricket.com who is putting the info together if you have questions, comments, thoughts about the info.It's exciting to see how God is using the staff all over the country!

Dave in the studio

Here's what we have heard and what has been said:Dave Arthur is alive and well in the Portland area working at The Fish! What's the Fish? Glad you asked! Check out the following link and see what Dave is up to:

Or stop by Dave's page!


Greg, the former partner with Melissa of the Morning Show, is currently working at KONA radio in the TriCities. And Gracie, in the background, is working for the Pasco school district.

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Melissa and Dustin are headed back to the Tri-Cities from the land down under. No, not Australia but Texas! Madison Grace is almost one year old now. 

Jeremy is still in the Walla Walla, Washington area producing radio shows. He's also known as the one and only jgonzo on the Weekend22 CHR music countdown. Jeremy's tribe continues to grow, Rachael has a baby sister Riley. KJ is doing well too (more info coming).For more info check out below


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New pictures of KJ and the JGonzo Crew!

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The nearly famous One, Layne, last seen touring the country trying to drum up support for the once infamous band Kung Foo Grip. Recent rumors had Layne and his tribe in the southeast Washington area.


Bruce is alive and well back in the Buckeye State, Ohio. Bruce does the morning show at

Bruce Station


Jennifer was last reported headed north...way north to Alaska. She is doing fine being Mom, taking care of her baby daughter and husband Sam.